I'm Kyle Sloka-Frey.

I help create data savvy citizens, professionals, and teams.

About Me

I’m a data professional with a diverse background, trying to help everyone I meet understand the information that they’re inundated with. A paladin of data governance and privacy.

Professional Data Scientist:

I’ve been building statistical models, practicing machine learning, and using data visualization for 2+ years at an eCommerce site with $1.5+ billion in yearly revenue. Previously, I’ve published non-academic work on data analysis, and contracted as a business analyst for several years.

Senior Software Engineer:

I’ve been actively employed in development-focused roles for 4+ years, with project contributions, contract work, and split roles on top. Working largely on full-stack projects with specializations in JavaScript, React, React Native, PHP, HTML/CSS, WordPress,  and Python. Can pick up almost any language in a weekend.

Experienced Marketing Strategist:

Working at the intersection of people, data, and marketing. 4+ years in marketing focused roles, including leading marketing teams at a handful of agencies and working as marketing data strategist at a top 100 eCommerce site. Owned a retail game store chain for several years, as well as my own agency on top of that.

Fledgling Academic:

Not much yet. My technical writing has been referenced in a handful of papers and doctoral writing, hoping to put out some of my own research work in the future.

Upcoming Projects

Python Data Cleaning

Upcoming book on data cleaning for beginners

Tentative release – 2020

Published by No Starch Press

More TBA as this site is completed